How is it going, sir?

You are torn. I know you are.

You are torn between the school and the discipleship track.

You still think they are two different things. The fact is, they are. In many different ways, they are.

The school pushes you to deliver high impacts in students performances in academics and the arts. You know this can only be done once the units in the system are in place. Talk about:
a. Horizontal and vertical articulation of curriculum
b. Technology integration and differentiated instruction in instruction
c. Holistic assessment
d. Social and emotional learning
e. Teachers’ upgrade

All these requires heavy loads of documents and documentarists.

Your task is to move from traditional to 21st century approaches in education, from supplantive curriculum to generative one, from old to new.

The discipleship track pushes you to take care of people. Not that you don’t take care of people in the school. Fact of the matter is, you become stressed right now with the idea that 650 lives should be kept safe every single day.

You also liked this very much. But you don’t know where and how to start considering, sir, that your personality isn’t for a big crowd. You can only take care of a limited few.

And these past days, it became more real to you—- God does want you to take care of the flock.

So how is it going sir?


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