It’s not easy pala to become a young education executive, especially if you’re one of the guys entrusted with 600 young lives to oversee everyday. It’s exciting though to see ideas come to life, to breathe life to things you won’t otherwise see unless you stick to a choice, and to mingle several tasks all the same time.

Much more, it isn’t really easy if there are countercultures inside the organization. That’s given alright, but being a non-people person by nature I experience a degree of reluctance to always take the lead. Yet, on the contrary, I know there are a lot of ideas that I can push forward, really novel and practical ideas. But I am afraid.

But I know I wanted to do it. I like to do it. Sometimes I am hating this personality, because I can’t talk and I couldn’t command, wondering will I sound too bossy or too sarcastic. Cause I know I could exactly be that person, and in a sense I am taming myself.

Oh well, I guess I have been gifted with diplomacy and inception. I’d be using it more often.


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