Today, we had in our class skimming vs scanning Workshop

First, SCANNING and SKIMMING mindmaps are drawn on the whiteboard. Students are to make similar mindmap or info graphics on their bond papers using their own creative and personalized styles.

Second, after familiarizing themselves with the concepts, Fortune magazines were distributed among all of them to practice these skills.

For skimming — Skim the whole news magazine and observe the following: text features, typographical features, and visual features. Write their observation on their papers.

For scanning — Choose one article. Form a question to be scanned. Scan the article to answer the questions. Do not read thoroughly.
1. My question:
2. Did I find the answer? ___ yes ___no
3. Answer to my question:

Room for Improvements:
1. Share their observations
2. Make this as a team activity
3. More exercises on this

Next skill targeted:
#prediction #inference


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