AB Political Science graduate turned high school english teacher for the love of arts and humanities.

I can’t think of anything to do with my life so I decided to teach. I’m a highschool teacher–
of grammar, literature, writing and anything with English labelled in it. Highschool because I love talking to the future; even though they’d prefer mananggals (okay now everybody, spell: Twilight) to Nietzsche, Neruda, Murakami, Rice or, as my college professor would say, “what have you?”

They call me Jan. But I guess I’ll start dropping the name since, obviously, it’s a rip-off from an eighties movie star(google: airwolf); apologies to cousin Ryan. So call me Vince or Vincent. At least, it sounds like some disc jockey ID or a tribute to a Starry, Starry Night. And it would really be a hit when you utter the name with your braces on: and puh-leaze no Nicolas or Betty.

I want to say I am open-minded, because I read profiles and they’d want to meet that. But I create my own rules? feeling deviant: don’t we all? Don’t we all have a world of our own where Vanilla Sundaes are mountains, Twix is a milky way, Orange and Blue are waters and greens are salads, and Pocoyo, Pocoyo’s the national mascot.

And by the way, I love to sleep! It makes me fully awake the next day and it means I still got a chance forone more caramel macchiato and more blueberry cheesecakes.


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