SALAMAT, Panginoon!
#UKInvasion #EuroInvasion #TheEdgycator

The promises You made; You cannot tear down, but build up according to your own design. Despite my human limitation, you kept me abreast. Your faithfulness endures me. And I cannot thank you enough but choose you and allow you to use my life.

London, once a dream, once almost in my hand but slipped away, I never thought would be possible again. Ever.

But you made it possible.

I would like to assume that it is a prize for my staying of 9 years with you. Nine imperfect years, yet your love safeguarded and cushioned me, so that I could reach this day, without having given up, without quitting, and without walkinh out on you.

But this isn’t actually a prize. This is part of Your plan for my life. When it seemed I have lost the idea, You showed me how perfect the timing is. Truly, nothing can stop an idea that is ripe for the reaping.

This is it! And all the glory belongs to you. Yes, it is not a prize; but part of my timeline that came ripe for reaping. Because you said so. And because You are sealing a new covenant with me and my life— a covenant that not many would probably understand.

All I know is that through the course of my 13 hours traverse across the airways of Asia and Europe, things I only teach theoretically inside my class, you spoke to me of three things:

1. Encourage your people in London, my brothers and sisters, to stay faithful and committed to Your Name, because the tides of time. Use the development of the seed from being torn apart, to being planted by the streams of living water, and staying connected in the Vine.

2. Search for that possibilty of lifelong learning through the PSOL classes. You showed me a Champion’s Centre Leaderhip College type. You also showed me how London is fresh for a new start. Yes the grand and classical educational institutions are here, thos which have stemmed from Christian traditions but along the way might have changed, like Harvard. This time, as a new spring of life begins, you are embedding in the wide fields of London that revolution in education, once again. A revolution that will start from Your disciples. It is not an accident why the Antioch of Asia , Singapore was able to buy one of the oldest estates, to push for a Bible college. This time, it is the Philippines turn to establish PSol as that training hub for Filipinos and other nationalities to take part in this massive spiritual movement thay is about to sweep again throughout the continent.

3. Reconnection with my dad and sister. You bring families together, no matter how far they are or how disconnected they might be. May it be by physical or emotional distance, you rebuild what is torn down. Hold it here, for I know and understand that for as long as I keep my vows with you, everything will fall into place as You have planned them. Not even the enemy can take a footstool over whay you have established in order. This trip honestly seals the next ten years of our partnership and how you have full ingrained in my mind that the plans of men are futile; Your plans will always prevail. Your plans, by the way, are greater than we can imagine. No eye has seen, no ears has heared what you are about to do, what you are about to pour out. Yes, you are pouring out your spirit upon all flesh. And as carrier of your DNa, we your disciples will be used to channel these pouring over the whole of Europe.

What an honour to be your servant; to use my life solely for your purpose. And yes, by the way, you are right: for anyone who loses his life for You will again have it back.

Thank you Jesus!


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