My Sunday afties are blocked.

Help, I didn’t like that idea until the moment I immersed myself in the actual situation of leaving my city comfort zone to mile my way to a rural area.

The mission: go to and fro Tagbarungis, a sitio in barangay Inagawan sub, for ten weeks to conduct a Literacy Course focusing on Reading skills.


I am really not the kind of person who will go the extra mile doing this kind of thing alone. So, thank to the revised Palawan State University vision and to my Educational Planning class under Dr Manarpaac, we are now required to produce mini-research or action research papers, and extension service learning, like this.


Not that I am complaining. I think this is really productive. It gives balance to what I do. The every Sunday trip is kind of giving me a break from a 7-yeat routine. The best thing is that I am doing this now. Yehey!


Today, I and my classmate Ruth Pedoy gave out our pretest to determine our students’ strengths and weaknesses on the following areas:

1. identifying main ideas
2. noting details
3. sequencing events in a story
4. determining cause and effects
5. drawing conclusions
6. decoding word meaning thru context clues


We are using (and testing) three modules of the Department of Education’s Effective Alternative Secondary Education for this reading classes. Our aim is to prepare them for the ALS assessment this coming March. Should thy take it, their year level will be determined, go through the Alternative High School programme, and get the chance of their lifetime: proceed to college ot technical-vocational school.


At the end of the course, our 25 students, of diverse age, learning backgrouds, but of similar social statues, will have better chances to upgrade their life thru education, depending how they respond to the hierarchical progression of schooling.

But they must start somewhere. And that is here.


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