With K+12 Basic Education Curriculum on the go, 21st Century Learning Themes and Skills on the loose, and contents from the NAT and CEM (or other standardize test providers) on the run, there is too much for a school to bear. Yet, school administrators, no matter how diverse, varied, and fast-changing the principles in learning are, face one essential question: ARE OUR STUDENTS LEARNING?

CEM has somehow enlightened me today to go back to basics. Years ago? I was faced with the same dilemma that on my own, I had to seek out for answers. Whatever I found out, I must say it has guided my classroom instructions and management: To teach the essential that is, regardless of the length of contents. CEM was helpful to me during that time because I reviewed the score and I tallied them and let them speak to me. I guess, even before, I have realised the importance I data in decision-making. I thank God that I saw an improvement. Somehow!

This time the challenge is to bring this small success into a bigger impact, that is to improve test results in the whole school, with all teachers as partners and stakeholders owning the responsibility to utilize test data to improve student learning and student performance in the NAT and CEM.

As for the implications of this conference to LifeCollege, we will come up with a Curriculum Development Framework that caters teaching to the standards, to the essentials, and to the relevant.


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