Ramon V. Mitra Sports Complex – The Opening Ceremonies of LifeColympics2013, or Sports Fest, signaled one small stride towards achieving LifeCollege’s Goals by 2016: to mold Christlike Champions, Proactive Contributors, Self-Directed Learners, Confident Persons, and Caring Citizens. Supported by parents, guests, and participated by all students, the usual banal day at the sports complex turned into a festive nexus of red, blue, yellow and green colours, representing the different participating teams.

Traditionally in most schools, the sports fest is an avenue for students to enhance strength, stamina, sportsmanship, and stronger ties.

For LifeCollege, however, the sports fest is a platform for students’ exposure not only to physical activities, but also for intellectual and skills and talent development. Quiz and spelling bees, and singing, dancing, and band competitions are integrated to allow for diversity of events catering to multiple intelligences. This is also a platform for leadership skills development as the Student Council, Media Streams, and LifeRangers work hand in hand to ensure the smooth flow of the events.

The Sports Fest is not an appendix, but is an integral part of the school curriculum. There are overarching or big ideas set before the games began. The inquiry here is how to develop personal leadership among our students thru involvement in various events that they can carry out when in life even when they become adults.

Ultimately, the school is moving towards integrating the curricular and co-curricular activities seamlessly, where the concepts of playing while learning and learning by doing are real, and not just in principle.

The events are not just mere events to enhance the skills, but also to help the school achieve its 2016 goals, namely:

1. Christlike Champions – Values of teamplay, punctuality, attendance are all given emphasis.

2. Proactive Contributor – Players are expected to give their best to contribute to the overall team scores; while non players are expected to help, encourage, and support.

3. Self-Directed Learners – Each team is expected to take initiative, exercise personal leadership, and take responsibility over their own games, tasks and belongings.

4. Confident Persons – The students are given unique platforms to showcase their talents in singing, dancing, media arts, and band-showmanship. As they express themselves creatively, they are empowered to become confident.

5. Caring Citizens – Events include Palarong Pinoy to inculcate deep sense of awareness in our cultural heritage.

There are more opportunities than threats on this year’s SportsFest. Though some would view that it was long, as mini-events started out prior the week-long event, the academics was not sacrificed because the morning schedule is especially dedicated for academics. Besides, the school is preparing students for the 21st century world—a world where students do not have to know everything, but the more valuable thing is how would they make use of knowledge and skills to produce, create and innovate. In this case, a sports events that holistically integrate all aspects of life.


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