Heavy Emotions; Stark Realisations @ the Killing Fields

The thing that made a huge mark in me is the Killing Fields. Words aren’t enough to express the bitter feeling I have. All this time I thought only Hitler was the only stupid person who wanted a new society. I was wrong. Heartless people who killed millions through brutal ways are on top of my hate list. I mean, why kill? Why believe that that is the solution to what they always wanted? I was greatly moved by the story behind the killing tree — why the babies? What could they possibly do to be ruthlessly taken away from the life that they were given? Also, the story of the woman who was struck on the spot for two bananas. I unconsciously painted a picture of it in mind as it was described. Sadness floods through me as I again get a glimpse if the image. -Esther Ericka Gonzales

Well, Cambodia is really a historical place. We went to their historical places and it made me really mourn for them and when we’re having our audio tour I was almost crying of what they had experienced with their country men. Can you imagine a Cambodian killing a Cambodian. It was really a big downfall to them lots of business were deer destroyed. Many people who survived by that so called war don’t what to do, where to start and on how to replace what they had lost. In this trip, truly, history what makes a country progress, and as a I have observed hat Cambodians really have a high respect to their king and we’re able to see it. Like, when we pass by the streets we can see the image of their king in an altar giving high respect to him. Respect to authorities will make a country successful. -Jefiel Mendoza


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