“Learning about the history of Vietnam is quite fun because of the terms they used in describing, even though there are american in that place. Because Vietnam came face to face in the battlefield with the United States of America they used term like: killing the Americans,Hunting American, Bunch of Devils, and others. I find it quite straightforward and unapologetic.” –Jan Elan Atrero

“And I was also struck end by their history, well, I know that they had their war and some of them went to our country and have a new life there. But when I saw what kind of living they had during their war It made me think like what would I do if I was there fighting for my own country and they sacrificed a lot specially their lives. When I was there listening to our tourist guide I feel like I was there. And I really salute their courage and determination to for their lives most especially their country.” –Jefiel Mendoza


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