Heavy Emotions; Stark Realisations @ the Killing Fields

Heavy Emotions; Stark Realisations @ the Killing Fields

The thing that made a huge mark in me is the Killing Fields. Words aren’t enough to express the bitter feeling I have. All this time I thought only Hitler was the only stupid person who wanted a new society. I was wrong. Heartless people who killed millions through brutal ways are on top of my hate list. I mean, why kill? Why believe that that is the solution to what they always wanted? I was greatly moved by the story behind the killing tree — why the babies? What could they possibly do to be ruthlessly taken away from the life that they were given? Also, the story of the woman who was struck on the spot for two bananas. I unconsciously painted a picture of it in mind as it was described. Sadness floods through me as I again get a glimpse if the image. -Esther Ericka Gonzales

Well, Cambodia is really a historical place. We went to their historical places and it made me really mourn for them and when we’re having our audio tour I was almost crying of what they had experienced with their country men. Can you imagine a Cambodian killing a Cambodian. It was really a big downfall to them lots of business were deer destroyed. Many people who survived by that so called war don’t what to do, where to start and on how to replace what they had lost. In this trip, truly, history what makes a country progress, and as a I have observed hat Cambodians really have a high respect to their king and we’re able to see it. Like, when we pass by the streets we can see the image of their king in an altar giving high respect to him. Respect to authorities will make a country successful. -Jefiel Mendoza


GCC2013 Almost Over



For someone who managed to snitch with honors from grade school to college, I thought academics is everything about life. 
Not until I get to travel outside the country. 
For the past five years I have been bringing students to Singapore, Malaysia, and Indonesia for a week-long exposure and learning. 
I have seen wander and wonder in their 16-year old eyes as they discover new ideas and rediscover previously learnt ones. 
Bibo Pineda, a transferee to LifeCollege from Taytay, Palawan, joined GCC2013 like his sister. He commented, “GCC is a journey that shaped my life. It allowed me to go beyond the things that I already know.”
My heart leaps with joy when they start to get curious about so many things. All the more when they begin to seek answers by themselves.
Jefiel Mendoza, 16, posed the inquiry, “what is more important, experience or academics?” As an honor student
 she worried a lot about her grades. Nonetheless, she joined and realised that in life, guided experience will weigh more than academics.
This, to me, is a one of a kind learning experience that goes beyond what the classrooms offer. Especially today, that the quality and personality if learners have drastically changed, educators have to think both inside and outside the box to weave a unique learning experience that, in the words of Mr Keatings, penetrates the marrows of life.
How can this be more possible than putting up travel curriculum that addresses the needs of 21st century learners, aka, netizens, digital natives, generation y, or the millenials?
Ericka, 15, recognised the fact that most school programs doesn’t address her need as a learner. As if constantly craving for something, GCC was able to respond to this. “GCC exposed me to a lot of culture as we get to meet and interact with people, their beliefs, and even their food.”
True enough, from the time I was in school to today, much have changed and many will still change in the next couple of years. My view on this is simple, teach them how to learn and they will become lifelong learners. Show them how to ask questions and they will do the same. Show them how you find answers, and they will also seek answers to their questions.
A confessed shy girl, Blecy, 16, unknowingly found out that she was more conversant and engaging when she talks. “I am definitely different from what I used to be 16 days ago when we came here first.”
At sixteen, they have experienced something that I have not when I was their age. No amount of gold could ever replace that — to show a child that there is more to life than the achievements inside the school.

Cu Chi Tunnel’s lens to Vietnam-American War c1970s

“Learning about the history of Vietnam is quite fun because of the terms they used in describing, even though there are american in that place. Because Vietnam came face to face in the battlefield with the United States of America they used term like: killing the Americans,Hunting American, Bunch of Devils, and others. I find it quite straightforward and unapologetic.” –Jan Elan Atrero

“And I was also struck end by their history, well, I know that they had their war and some of them went to our country and have a new life there. But when I saw what kind of living they had during their war It made me think like what would I do if I was there fighting for my own country and they sacrificed a lot specially their lives. When I was there listening to our tourist guide I feel like I was there. And I really salute their courage and determination to for their lives most especially their country.” –Jefiel Mendoza