Batu Caves Murugan Temple

“We’ve been to Batu Caves, where we climbed up 272 steps. We saw monkeys that are incredibley intelligent as we neared the top. The Indians believe in million of gods. Good thing I only have one God and it’s Jesus Christ. I learned there Indian beliefs and culture as they’ve just celebrated Thaipusam. -Blecy Joy Rebollo

“At the Batu Caves, a Hindu temple rests atop. My first impression is its long stairs, 270+ steps up and another set to go down could get very tiring. But what I developed here is to avoid cultural shock and be more open to the customs of other people even if for me its the opposite of what we normally do.
Truly this outdoor learning not only adds our knowledge and information, but also develops our interpersonal and adaption skills especially towards in a different culture. -Aldrin Ken Ong


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