Warm Indonesian-Filipino Alliance

“Second, the people, just like in the Philippines, the Indonesian students that we visited in Batam were joyful, warm-hearted and easy-to-get-along people, they first welcomed us and slowly in the day communicated with us and almost instantly made close friends with them. Our conversations, our team building activities, we were already exchanging ideas, culture, I was also shocked that some words that we use are similar like “kambing”,”bola” and “mangga” that all mean the same in our Tagalog and their Bahasa.” -Aldrin Ong

“In Indonesia, we collaborated with the students of Sekolah Global Indo-Asia. The students in SGIA are very friendly and they welcomed us wearing a warm smile. I’ve observed that we have different personalities, but we still managed to share the various aspects of our life. I just met them now, but we clicked instantly. We just met for two days and it felt like we’ve kn0wn each other for years. The best thing I had in Indonesia was the friendship with SGIA students. This gave a mark in my heart and my mind: a mem0ry I won’t forget in a lifetime. -Blecy Rebollo

“I feel so welcomed in their school. I learned how to hang out with other students even though I got shy at first. But because they are so friendly, I easily adopted to them. I realized that we are almost the same in our culture–their attitudes and even their language. -Christian Lad Diokno


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