“We’ve been to Universal Studios where we took a lot of rides. Here I came face to face with my fear through riding the rollercoaster–the human & cyclo. They were so awesome that I couldn’t stop screaming. That was my first time but it’s not going to be my last. Soon the world will know FILIPINOS fly overseas to relax himself from the the success they’ve achieved!
 -Jan Elan Atrero

“Singaporeans are systematic and disciplined. Like, when we went to the Universal Studios Singapore, I’ve observed that before entering a specific attraction, first we have to line up and then we have to go through a path that looks like a maze and after that that’s the time that you’ll be able to enter the specific attraction and the same thing as riding a bus you have to go through that maze and then everything goes smoothly. With this experience, I was really astonished by their discipline, system, rules and regulations, and their obedience to their law. And that’s the reason why Singapore soars higher and higher. It’s because of their discipline. –Jefiel Mendoza


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