And we're doing it again

Global Competence Class 2013 takes off on January 22, 2013. At the backdrop is the infamous Merlion and the colossal Marina Bay Sands. This year’s jet setters include Esther Ericka Gonzales, Jemimah Fiel Mendoza, Blecy Joy Rebollo, Christian Lad Diokno, Julius Christian Monserate, Jan Elan Atrero, Roseller Pineda II, Aldrin Ken Ong, teachers Madilyn Daco and Jan Michael Vincent Abril, and CYP Director Joshua Buenaventura.

Clean. Fast. Busy. Those are three words that I think would describe this high class society. The Singaporeans are very keen on doing the tasks fast and seriously. Time is platinum gold and diamond combined to them. Their value of this precious resource should be applied to Palawan, specifically to LifeCollege. We shouldn’t be laggards who deter the progress of a nation whose resources are vast and envied. Instead, we should be as innovative and progressive as they are. -Esther Esther Ericka Gonzales

The starting point of the Global Competence Class starts at Singapore, the “Lion City”.
 First, I observed how the people there are discipline. I was amazed to see that for an urbanized and busy city, the surroundings are clean, the people are discipline because of their respect to the law. Things that I know that if the Filipinos will apply much more of the great laws that the authority has given to us, then the Philippines will definitely grow.
 Second, after going to the landmarks and the tourist spots, I realized that our country can do better, why not use the country’s gift of richness and beauty for the world to see? I realized that its not too far for the Philippines to be known as “The Best Country to See” worldwide.
Lastly, when we went to the International school in Singapore, I was amazed to see it that it also widen my vision of my dream school. The wide range of facilities, including their own hockey field, their system that prioritize their students are just some things I recognized in the school, and I am hoping to see it too in every school in the world.
In all, It was truly a fun, thrilling and definitely learning experience. – Aldrin Ken Ong

Well, I’m kinda curious about what Singapore looks like while we’re in the Ninoy Aquino International Airport. I have lot of things that I have to figure out, like, what kind of personality do the majority have, how would I interact with them and most specially the rules and regulations that they are abiding to. And then there we are, the awesomeness sunk in into my mind. Specially, the time when I first saw their escalator and it’s to fast, really, really fast. And they’re also systematic and disciplined. With this experience, I was really astonished by their discipline, system, rules and regulations, and their obedience to their law. And that’s the reason why Singapore soars higher and higher it’s because of their discipline. – Jefiel Mendoza


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