The previous years were quite amazing for a show. Though, I aimed for a much bolder feat, time might’ve not fit very well. Yet.  And so I look back, and count the years, not with a whimper of an adult, but with a sheer bliss out of a child, who’d say, “I made it, Yes!”

2009 – less grouch. less temper out burst.

2010 –  year of release from all sorts of things.

2011 – less confusion. strain forward. pressed towards the prize.

2012 – foundations laid. right on track.

This year I’d be more focused living in the moment, tracking my life, and, to borrow Henry David Thoreau’s words, sucking out all the marrow of life. I’d probably be comfortable playing several roles.

1. Technopreneur. It was only recently, out of a need to bloat my pocket and to stuff my bank account, have I gained the knack for engaging into business. The principle is pretty easy, the employer gets the maximum of everything. They pay taxes less. They make other people earn for them. So I’d probably have my own venture and engage in investments, too.

2. Discipler. To become immortal, my options are to setup a business empire, to write a book, and to teach people. Why pick one, when I can do all? And it starts with knowing more people, engaging them into meaningful conversations, following their hearts, and leading them towards a purpose-filled life.

3. School Operations Officer. School is in my heart. I’ve built my world around it that now, I have access to all operations. I am gaining all the knowledge and building upon it wisdom that I need to become a credible school consultant. Not just academic-based, but one with an entrepreneurial spirit.

4. Sir/Kuya. A better oneI’d rather have it as daddy or tatay, but I couldn’t see myself marrying just for that. I’d be more communicative thru SMS and call, since I have lost all my passion for it. haha. I’d be more of a model. Since, they knew me back-then, I must show my right-now.

5. Publisher. This time, I am not just going to write. I am going to publish it so that others may read. My blogs should earn. I should send out contributions. I just need, not the right materials because I’ve got access to all of them. I just need the guts to have my works sent to magazines and online publications.

So much for the should and must. I’d fill better if I spice up my life with a lotsa, lotsa, and lotsa humor. Mine is absurd. More often, morbid. It worked with some people, but it doesn’t with the people I am with now. I’d pay for someone to teach me humor. haha. But I guess, this is the only lens missing in my life now, before I gain access to the rest.


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