The K+12 teacher is someone who begins with the end in mind. He has a vision of where to go and what to do in order to reach that.

competent teacher has a passion for lifelong learning. He continues to learn. He has a manifold of resources. He is not delimited by his field of expertise but finds out more. He is always curious. His classroom work, no matter how small-scale it is, is evidence-based. He is an advocate of research-based teaching and produces his own action research, not just for publication but as a tool to measure his yearly performance.

creative teacher connects concepts to real life scenarios and simulate real-life situations in the classroom. He has this certain degree of preparing his students from actual situations and how his students would best decide. He may not need to teach the way out, but he has created a situation where the learner can apply insight and wisdom to sort his way out.

compassionate teacher takes time to know his students personally. He spends time with them not only as a professional worker but more so a family member who is willing to walk with them for life. He is a confidante. He knows what the learner values and gives equal importance to that. He knows them by name. When asked about their favorite color or food, he can answer it.

committed teacher builds a student’s life by equipping them according to their needs and abilities. He gives priority to the usually un-loveables inside the classroom. He takes time to tutor and to differentiate instructions.

A teacher possesses a character that is Christ-like. In face of new realities around the children of this generation, a teacher must be able to answer them and model to them sound behaviors.

The 21st century and K12 teacher must be highly imaginative, proactive, edgy and trailblazing without losing sight of the needs of the children of today–children who are very different, with their very diverse and distinct personality and with a language of their own.


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