TODAY, some of our teachers received their iPads and while some received their laptops. The school President and his management team have to do this because of the increasing demands in steering LifeCollege education towards K+12 and towards transforming our “taste” and “definition” of education. We want it to capture 21st century learning. Not because we want it, but because the generation we are serving deserves a lot better. They cannot be taught with the system and structures of the past. The very fibre of education has been fundamentally shaken. And we are adopting. We are innovating. We will thrive. We will accomplish.

Expect our teachers to have the collective will to post blogs and videos. Our products will be shown to the world.

We will publish what we are doing inside the classroom. We will properly document in photos our instruction. We will share varying assessments. We will be sharing what we are learning. And through this, may others see what we do and give us feedback.

To be able to accomplish this, we will be lifelong learners. We will be reading and sharing what we are reading. We will be educating ourselves and preparing ourselves for the future. In fact, we will live in the future. We will just wait for the rest of the world to go there.

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