You need more eye contact and read your report ahead of time. You are soft spoken and may be you can practice speaking more to boost your confidence. Try talking to younger people and share things to them. Do not read your report especially the contents of the PowerPoint

Hand gestures– Your hands are not relaxed. You can look at the audience but you need more practice speaking in front. Able to answer the report.

El John
Your voice is naturally loud. That is a gift. You have to manage it. You need to practice looking at your audience and practice your report before.

Rick Johnsen
You can practice avoiding looking at the presentation. Look at your audience and maintain eye contact. Vey good but you need to warm up. Warm up time is before the report not towards the end of the report.

Group is not so prepared
Lacked vocabulary, description of the characters in the report
Evident they didn’t read the questions

Speaks well but be wary of your movements. Avoid unnecessary movements. Be conscious of your time. You can speak but fluency is something learned through exercise.

Can speak well but needs more practice. Be conscious of the uhmss, uhhs, and other fillers. Be conscious about time. You can enunciate words well already but needs more polishing through constant use of the language.

Needs more practice in enunciating word and in explaining. But did a good job because even if he is not prepared he still pretended he was.

Can enunciate words clearly. Needs more confidence in speaking the language fluently. Like Nikko, he pretended that he knows about it. He just needs to inject more experiences or practices so he won’t have to read it straight from the paper.

Group is prepared with videos
Explained who the author is

God sees the truth but waits
Needs to to make her voice louder. Her enunciation is commendable her words are understandable she just needs to practice speaking more. She is natural storyteller. She know the twist and turns of her story.

Stand straight talk slowly. Do not move when speaking.

Look at the audience.

Practice speaking in English.


Not everyone knows about the report.

Can enunciate words well but needs to lessen her extra movements. She goes beyond the details of the story and grasp the existential sojourn of Gautama.

Jemimah Joy
Avoid extra movements. has a good team up with jefiel. They complement each other. They go through the details of the story.

Did not report

Did not report

Group presentation is good. They used the Raymond Lang method of short or few words at the backdrop

A good storyteller, she just needs to prepare and take the story from her head. She has good grasp of the twist and turn in the story. She can enumerate or recount details.

Is reading directly from the PowerPoint but he noted some points from his head.

Prepared her spiels

Precious Leigh
Discussed vocabulary. Read the definition but tried to explain in her own words. Needs to work on volume

The group is prepared to deliver the presentation. They have cue cards. Although they look at the presentation from time to time. They used the Raymond Lang method of few words on the PowerPoint. They didn’t show words though.

Needs to get more relaxed. His voice is loud. He knows the background of then story.

Henry Boi
Can speak and present. It’s evident that he tried to study and he is good in memorizing the piece. He prepared for this. He just needs to practice speaking some more.

Is showing confidence. He was able to answer the questions well.

Jon narciso
Just please, please do not move and sway. Alright? He is prepared,nwell prepared but he must work on improving his Storytelling skills.

Emylou Jane

Reading directly from the PowerPoint. He can improve his presentation by having good posture and not swaying or moving.

Knows little about the report and speak only for a few time.

Eunice go
Can deliver the report but seem apprehensive to take one new roles.

Obviously prepared for the PowerPoint but nor with the presentation.

Not obvious that she’s nervous. Just that she is reading the report. She could have told more about them, like short story.

avoid extra movements, she can enunciate words clearly and needs practice for fluency. She prepared for her report.

Her voice is loud and clear. Remove ano and fillers. She has cue cards and she knows where to get the answers from the book. Just avoid extra movements. A storyteller

Can Encinitas words clearly and well, and like the others, she has to practice a lot.

Needs to master his report. He must practice more before presentation.

He knows how to describe the content of the PowerPoint. He adds and create a story out of what is written

Stand properly. She can enunciate words but needs to practice speaking English more.

His voice is loud and he needs more practice for fluency. His prodding questions at the beginning of the report… 2 million, 15 years, life imprisonment or death penalty? These are interesting questions to hook the listeners.

She has good voice and can enunciate words properly but needs more practice to gan fluency.

She can speak well but she needs to practice more for fluency. Also, it will help if she will really prepare for her report.

Did not talk

Enunciation is very good. Needs to work on volume and expounding her explanations. Her eloquence captivated the audience. You should really talk and speak and practice it. Consider it for a career.

Henry Boi



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