No doubt, this birthday rushes in to me as very special one. Very much like I was celebrating my 7th birthday. With cakes and candles. With balloons and bicycles. Only with a set of people entirely different from the ones I grew up with. Some of them are gone. Some are away. I don’t mind it. Perhaps I was really called to live a sedentary life.

I am grateful nonetheless. And thankful because I waited and turned toward what God called me to do. It was not so easy to obey, but it was the greatest decision that I have ever made. Sometimes, I grapple with the times lost (and the relationship I could have had) but I have firm faith that God will replace those. He will top it even.

So let me prophecy for the life I would be living starting this moment.
1. I own a capacity building consultancy firm
2. I am traveling Asia, Europe, Australia giving professorial lectures and preaching the Word of God to people
3. I am driving my own cars — a blue one, a red one and a black one
4. I go home to a condominium in a Manila and a Japanese zen-inspired bachelor’s pad here in Palawan
5. I have my own network of leaders in high school, college, and professionals
6. I am shepherding a young professional group
7. No sicknesses for me and my dad and my siblings
8. Life and success the people whose lives I touch

Let all this be done according to my faith.


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