Three sources of pedagogy guide our reason for teaching. These are:

First, one’s reason for teaching should be grounded on an authoritative source. This is the legal framework where the school thrives as an entity. In our case, the Department of Education sets the guidelines and regulates school operations. It also provides the educational goals and curriculum framework that schools are expected to follow by default. As of the moment, the K+12 Basic Education Curriculum will be rolling out vis a vis the 2010 SEC and BEC.

What our school is doing, however, is it is aligning its curriculum to Singapore above DepEd’s prescription. We are doing so not only because of Singapore’s recognition as one of the best educational systems in the world, topping TIMMS annually, but more so because of its streamlined, well-organized, and unclogged curriculum. Our annual educational expedition in Singapore advanced and prepared us to embrace their system.

Another authority we considered to embed is the framework from 21st Century Skills. The framework laid down sets of competencies learners must acquire in order to be ready for the demands of the future workplace. These skills will be seamlessly integrated into our core subjects, skills and talent development programs, and character and leadership development programs.

Second, our educational goals, teaching strategies, and assessment procedures are guided by school-wide pedagogy that is progressive, developmental, and Christ-centered. Our educators adhere to these tenets:

1. Learners learn best when they are active, safe, engaged, challenged, and supported
2. Learning is interrelated and multidimensional
3. Each learner is unique with distinct needs, interests, and preferences
4. Teachers are facilitators of learning and leaders of inquiry



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