3D Pedagogy

Three sources of pedagogy guide our reason for teaching. These are:

First, one’s reason for teaching should be grounded on an authoritative source. This is the legal framework where the school thrives as an entity. In our case, the Department of Education sets the guidelines and regulates school operations. It also provides the educational goals and curriculum framework that schools are expected to follow by default. As of the moment, the K+12 Basic Education Curriculum will be rolling out vis a vis the 2010 SEC and BEC.

What our school is doing, however, is it is aligning its curriculum to Singapore above DepEd’s prescription. We are doing so not only because of Singapore’s recognition as one of the best educational systems in the world, topping TIMMS annually, but more so because of its streamlined, well-organized, and unclogged curriculum. Our annual educational expedition in Singapore advanced and prepared us to embrace their system.

Another authority we considered to embed is the framework from 21st Century Skills. The framework laid down sets of competencies learners must acquire in order to be ready for the demands of the future workplace. These skills will be seamlessly integrated into our core subjects, skills and talent development programs, and character and leadership development programs.

Second, our educational goals, teaching strategies, and assessment procedures are guided by school-wide pedagogy that is progressive, developmental, and Christ-centered. Our educators adhere to these tenets:

1. Learners learn best when they are active, safe, engaged, challenged, and supported
2. Learning is interrelated and multidimensional
3. Each learner is unique with distinct needs, interests, and preferences
4. Teachers are facilitators of learning and leaders of inquiry



Monthly Themes Revisited

After five years of using the schools’s monthly themes, we have finally decided to terminate its services and adopt new ones that are better suited to where we plan to head for the next three years.

The school’s monthly themes serve many purposes. Among others, each theme serves as a guide to integrate lessons and values across the different learning areas. Each theme sets the tone for the activities and events across al levels. And finally each theme stands as a declaration of how we envisioned our students to become.

For the school year 2012-2013, our team came up with the following:

I Start Right. I Begin with the End in Mind.
To jump start the school year, SMART goals setting and planning ahead creates the tone to begin the learning journey with high hopes and expectations to do well. Students get to discover their skills, talents, learning styles, learning preferences, multiple intelligence through inventories and checklists. They also go through meta-strategy workshops in personal leadership like time management, study skills, and strategies in reading, writing, listening, and speaking. On top of these, students have better chances to know their classmates and schoolmates thru the level-wide TeamBuilding that fosters friendship and leadership.

I am Healthy, Fit, and Well
To promote a well generation, our school educate learners on proper nutrition, balanced diet, hygiene and body care, and physical exercise. Health, fitness, and wellness goes not only through the physical but encompass social, emotional, mental, and spiritual. As this generation crave for wellness amidst diseases, pollution, and risks, this month aims to embed in our learners the healthy lifestyle.

Ako’y ASTIG na Batang Pinoy
All Set To Imitate God, this is what it meant to be ASTIG na Batang Pinoy. Not only is being Filipino celebrated during this month, the school puts emphasis in national symbols, cultural heritage, great Filipino men and women. During this month, greater sense of pride for the nation and heightened awareness to contribute to nation building are downloaded to all learners.

I am Made to Lead
Everyone’s born to win, but only few make it. This month is a declaration that our students are those few who make it through the values of diligence, perseverance, and discipline. They are born to be the heads and not the tails. And the school ensures that they are molded to become leaders. This is exercised through the family-oriented sports festival conducted during this month.

I am a Responsible Entrepreneur
Highlighting business, finance, and entrepreneurial literacy, this month aims to bring out the imaginative, innovative, and enterprising side of our students. They’d engage in mini business ventures inside and outside the campus. They’d attempt to develop profitable products out of simple class projects. They’d engage in managing money thru developing the habit to save, budget, and spend right.

November and December
I am a Caring Citizen
Realizing that our students are citizens in the making, their bout to exercise generosity and compassion towards the school, the community, and the city begins here. Not only do they serve the community through outreaches, but also they share their talents and wits through play production and musicale held during this month.

I am a Glocal Champion
Nothing beats the excitement and fun of learning outside the four corners of the classroom and the school. This is the month when our students embark on a journey to travel Asia, the Philippines and the Palawan as they engage in an edu-taining learning journeys.

I Care for the Environment
To practice stewardship and care for the environment, our students participate in the city’s activities that foster care for nature and the environment like mangrove planting and coastal clean-up. More than that, this is an avenue to educate children to manage scarce community resources.

I Run the Race. I Finish Strong.