This is my fifth year of bringing students to Singapore, Malaysia, And Indonesia.

And things seems to get smoother, better, and more relaxed.

When we talk about school and learning, nothing beats experiential learning. And when I say experiential, I mean going out the classroom and seeing the world. LITERALLY. This is what happens to the Global Competence Class, that our team from LifeCollege initiated five years ago.
Today, we have ushered 68 young people to discover South East Asian destinations in a2-week long journey of discovery, learning and play.

University Trail
Visiting the Philippine’s finest universities provides an opportunity to our students to observe university life. In UST, they have experienced a culture that stems from classical tradition but has successfully transitioned to adapt modern culture. Just by being inside the university, they feel like they were transported into Spain. The collective identity and association to that identity through events and multimedia leaves everyone a lesson that one’s identity is part of a group culture. It finds strength in it rather than weakness.

At the University of the Philippines, our students realized that they missed on pushing themselves to their limit. When they see the culture of learning that is intense, sincere, and purposive, they got a feeling of I should have been here. Nonetheless, whichever school they get in, they have a resolve to excel and be the best.

Museum Exposure
Seeing the collections inside the UST museum provided them perspective about Catholicism in the Philippines, Spanish era coins and relics, animal preservation. They witnessed a photo gallery of UST’s welcome to its neo-centenary.

The walk through Ayala Museum

In Singapore, The Asian Civilization Museum

School Immersion


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