As early as 8 am, our team was hitting EDSA. Unfortunately, heavy traffic had built up already. There was no way out. All I could see were cars lining up and moving very slowly. I dozed off.

Our team is heading back to Emmanuel Christian School. Remember early this month, all LifeCollege teachers were also there to visit and benchmark. Now, we are sent to get into the nitty gritty of the school’s success.

When I woke up, we were already in Taguig. I couldn’t help but see how blessed I was to be part of the core team to go here. The other day I was in Subic, now I am heading to Laguna. This is the party of my job that I love very much.

To whom much is given, much is required though.

By the time we got there, I suddenly felt my stomach churning. It felt like, I needed to ask the right questions and hit the correct buttons. We were greeted by Teacher Rubi, a slender woman in her mid 50s (but didn’t look like one) whose heart to serve you can really tell.

She welcomed us to her office, where we also met her husband, Bishop Rene. The couple happened to own a Christian school in a 2 hectare prime land in Sta. Rosa. From a very humble beginning in a small garage, the school now is home to 2,000 students. It even topped the 2010-2011 NAT in this area.

Despite this, the couple remained to be very humble stewards of the things God entrusted to them. Not to out mention, the property included two basketball courts, large parking spaces, swimming pool, 3-storey buildings with spacious lobbies and walkways, a big church and a small church.

Amazing! But the stories behind the success are more interesting.

Throughout the day, T. Rubi was our mentor. She was very generous in sharing what she had learned over the years. She emphasized it was all because of faith that the school existed and subsisted. Throughout the sharing, I’ve particularly learned:

1. Communication between the school and the parents through the teacher’s reports and letters defuses probable misunderstanding and solves looming issues outright.

2. Hands-on leadership styles work very well to ensure the effective performance of teachers in their day-to-day deliverables. This includes a laying down or feeding forward of expectations between the boss and The worker.

3. Visibility and modeling of school leaders and managers allow students to imbibe the expected behavior and discipline. T. Rubi ensures order strictly, evident in the demeanor of each students. At first I thought it was because here were guests but then I realized that they didn’t expect us to come and still they were very well mannered and behaved.

4. Even in the classroom, there was a very smooth delivery of lessons because the students are disciplined to listen. Though there was an instant where the teacher caught the attention of a whispering student and asked her to recite instead. I could also tell at even though most students are born to middle class families, they could speak good English.

5. It is possible for our school to adopt the half-day sessions, provided it would be done gradually every year, starting from Grade 3 and First year, until the whole school have adopted half-day sessions to cater more students.

6. Our Understanding by Design framework must be intensified. Our lesson plan must follow that format so that the essential understanding or big ideas really get into the hearts and mind of the learners.

7. Excellence is fine and micro detail. You have to define and make everything clear cut when it is about excellence.

And finally, we capped the day with prayer and thanksgiving. Here the greatest lesson I learned is God honors humility, obedience and childlike faith. If it is for you, ask it from God and He will give it to you.

T. Rubi asked for it, God honored her faith.


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