Everything is connected. Gone are the days that daily tasks and activities inside the classroom are carried out discrete and isolated from other learning areas. Take for example, a simple lesson on sun-moon-earth movement. The concept or facts (knowledge) will be universal and timeless. Yet, the manner of instruction may vary and the pedagogy on which is it taught can include the county’s educational mandate, legal framework of the educational system, the vision and mission of the school, and the personal commitment or the mission of the teacher. These are all connected to create a fun and unique learning experience for a child.

A teacher, like me, must be keen to this connection. That is my personal commitment to what I do. I long to see children become life long learners with passion to helping communities. Hence, I commit myself to coach, mentor, and transfer understanding. I will make sure that if I teach the sun-moon-earth, it goes beyond mere knowledge. It must include the skills and attitude, such that, never mess with the order of the universe, for messing it up has corresponding consequence.

Everything is connected and as a teacher it is my task to allow my students find this connections. It is when they see this that I can smile and say I have mad my maximum impact in his life or in her life. When this happens, the sun-moon-earth is not just a celestial body.


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