After all the stressful thoughts, I am now here seated at puerto princesa airport waiting for the plane to arrive. This is another level-up opportunity for me and for my co-teachers T. Mel, T. Lorna, and T. Angie. We are all going to Subic to attend the Standards-Based Assessment with Test Construction Workshop sponsored by Phoenix. It’s going to be at a Holiday Villas so I am pretty much expecting a lot like a 3-star advantage. I expect coffee and pool. Yeah I brought my swimming gear: a pair of shorts. I am excited.

Also, I see this as a research opportunity for everyone. We would be going back to Emmanuel Christian school and bright woods school to streamline details and action plans on school strategic planning and management. I guess, there are two words to consider here: professionalize and benchmark. The nitty gritty will be integrated to a LifeCollege Development Plan, that will be the output of this trip.

To integrate every idea or concept, I also expect bloody brainstorming and throwing of ideas here and there, short of foul words in a normal corporate setting. This is a platform to strengthen the core group much better. In the process, I hope we will not just produce the best ideas but also know each other better so we can all work towards once common vision, one common goal. After all, we are a team behind a man, whom we all see as God appointed. If we don’t believe in that anymore, may be we must find ourselves in another plane.


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