Social network sites are here to stay. So either we use them to our advantage or we lose it to non-responsible users.

After reading an article about minding one’s manners in posting status updates or comments in FaceBook or in any social network sites, I thought of letting my students apply what they have read. I connected it with the short stories we had previously taken up in class. So what I had was activity that allowed them to post their comments on each short story.

To make the short stories accessible for the students, I have posted each of them into our LifeCollege Seniors page. With the stories posted, the students task now is to make a comment about the story. Their comments included a summary of the story and their reflection on its morale or lesson. I asked them how the story related to their lives.

Here’s the catch. I first asked them to write their summary and reflections in a sheet of paper. Then, we have edited and revised what they have written. I asked them for peer checking first before I delved into checking the papers myself. Of course, they had to check the grammar, tenses, and common errors.

After the finishing the writing process, they then published what their summary and reflection to the FaceBook page. Since we have tackled five short stories in World Literature, they had to make one for each short story.

Honestly, I enjoyed reading their insights more in the FaceBook page as much as they did.


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