I cannot hold my excitement now. I feel like there is so much ideas that I could not contain any more, I needed to let go in this single post–my very first. I got inspired to finally start up a blog that focuses on education innovation by the blogs that I use to visit every time I needed fresh ideas to start a work. I particularly follow and is subscribed for some time now to EducationInnovation, EducationFutures, EducationNext and quite recently, TheInnovativeEducator. Before, I used to just read and re-post, feed on and share. I read and put the ideas into action. I was an active consumer… until, the last blog I mentioned propelled my gusto for blogging again.

I cannot forget what I read in her first ever post. The blogger mentioned about several authors and experts she came across with and consider as professional learning network. I could hear her say with conviction:

 Something I’ve learned from these experts is that if you want to be taken seriously, you have to have a digital footprint. It’s not enough to talk about the work you do, do the work you do, and spread the work you do.

And yes, the first thing I would like to achieve is to leave a digital footprint. I have to ‘debut’ into the more formal part of blogs and wiki conversations. In my four years of teaching, I am excited to share the uncommon things I am doing inside my classroom. I am excited to share ideas to make the learning environment more exciting and meaningful.

Four years of teaching? Come on! How will that suffice? This leads me to my next point: to put into context those ideas I have learned. I am creating this blog for educators and learners in less developing countries such as ours. Here, before we are able to successfully make learning possible inside the classroom we have to be able to deal with the learners’ foundation skills in literacy, language, and numeracy, their limited access to technology, and their parents’ economic and educational background. In my heart, I believe that these misses in our condition must not hinder opportunities.

Lastly, I’d like to learn, apply, and share. My job as an edgy-cator (or Edgy Educator) is to put into flesh out what I have learned from various web resources inside my classroom and share it to the world. This way, I–the edgy-educator, is first an edgy learner. I hope I could reach out to as many educators, especially to my fellow Pinoys.


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