The best teachers are the ones who make the fewest pretensions…. Perhaps, if we teacheres were more honest about our own reading disabilities, less loath to reveal how hard it is for us to read and how often we fumble, we might get the students interested in the game of learning instead of the game of passing. (p. 13)

When teachers no longer know how to perform the function of reading books with their students, they are forced to lecture at them instead. (p.57)

Reading is better or worse according as it is more or less active. (p.22)

What one man requires little or no effort may demand genuine exertion for another. (p.29)

Most of us do not know what the limits of our comprehension are. We have never tired to our powers to the full. It is my honest belief that almost all the greta books in every field are within the grasp of all normally intelligent man. (p.30)

Hobbes said: “If I read as man books as most men” –he meant “misread”–“I should be as dull-witted as they.” (p.40)

It is certainly better to gather few crumbs which have dropped from the table than to starve in futile adoration of the feast we cannot reach. (p.61)

Do not say you agree, disagree or suspend judgment, until you cans say, “I understand.” (p.267)

There is no point in winning an argument an argument if you know or suspect you are wrong. (p.245)


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