Today marks the beginning of the rehearsal for the mass demonstration. As I recall, over the last few years, there have been various performances that included usually a cheer dance, a dance medley and a Michael Jackson medley last school year.

This year, the LifeDancers team came up with an ethnic-inspired performance. As I observed, they will be using fans. The performance depicts a fictional cultural slash ethnical variety of movements matched with regular howls.

On my mind, what I wanted to see is the boys doing a martial arts mass demonstration a la black belter. Tae Kwon Do, Hapkido or Judo. Or some Pinoy EskrimaKali or Arnis. I just want to see them strut a move. It doesn’t matter what kind, but they have got to learn self-defence and achieve self-discipline in the process of acquiring the skills.

I envision them in a synchronized movement performing before an audience of parents in awe, thinking they have enrolled their boys in the right school.

Sadly, in today’s school systems masculinity is not being taught. Predominantly women teachers and homey feel inside the school merely domesticate the boys. Our boys need to return back to their journey towards masculinity and manhood: the road towards becoming a black belter.


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