Another publishing company presents what they have to offer today. I think, just like pre schools, grade schools, and high schools mushroom in town, publishing houses have also become profitable business. Why not? Considering several million school children in this country, and the demand to print book rises with it, the print cost of a book is set at only 20 cents.

Listening to the presentation, DIWA Publishing integrated 4 different materials in their system. They have textbooks, magazines, eBooks, and online learning system called GENYO.

Welcome to 21st Century learning.

This initial talks with this publisher was actually brought by Emmanuel Christian School in Sta. Rosa, Laguna. Our big boss met up with the couple some few months back and then the flew here last July 26. They brought with them some people from MathScor and an ICT provider, who each prepared a demo for their products.

MathScor follows the Singapore scheme of practice, practice, and more practice; while the ICT provides online grade access and enables students to launch web development projects.

DIWA, meanwhile, offers almost the same. But I think, there’s no problem getting all of these supplements and resources, for as long as the wiFi in the school will be upgraded. These will all complement each other.


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