Sixty-one freshmen and transfer students join the Encounter Retreat as their final integration step to LifeCollege high school after the orientation and team building held last month.

Held for 2 days at YWAM in San Manuel, the students listened to several talks that introduce Jesus Christ to their lives.

Teacher Amelia Baloloy, the school’s Academic Head, talked about the Father Heart of God and His Love for the Prodigal Son. Meanwhile, Teacher Lucelyn Lucenara, the school’s Guidance Counselor, discussed the Steps to becoming a good Christian through prayer, worship, fellowship and reading the Bible.

“The Encounter Retreat is a platform for new students to realize that LifeCollege is not just an ordinary school because we give importance to our students’ spiritual development.” Sir Leopoldo Alarcon, the school’s event coordinator explained.

In between talks are workshops that allowed students to become more aware of themselves and the issues they are dealing with. Hands on activities were also included to make sure that the participants were able to understand the lessons taught.

“I love the well activity because it made me reflect about my positive and negative behaviors in situations where other people see me and especially when I am alone,” Arlo De Ramayo, a 4th Year HS student said.

Meanwhile, the others liked the towel illustration of Renewal in Christ where participants were asked to soak their towels in a dirty water, made them soak it in bleach, and laundry them afterwards until the towels are clean once again.

Teacher Lucy further commented, “Activities are integrated into the Encounter Retreat to ensure that it is balanced with lectures.” She added, “We are excited because through the years, we have been gradually developing our material that really touches the hearts of our students to know and grow in Christ.”

The 1st day was capped with small group discussions and one-to-one interaction between the participants and LifeCollege grade school and high school teachers.

During that activity, the students were able to share their stories and revealed what they have written on their well, while the teachers prayed for them towards the end.

Truly this encounter retreat reached out to sixty more souls and made sure they were welcome to Jesus Christ’s family in this Christian school.


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