Yes, it is National Geographic Channel’s logo and tag. But for this school year, we thought of having it as our section’s mantra. Last school year, the classroom deisgn was Facebook/Twitter inspired, where we also posted a tweet for the week at the classroom’s door.

This time around, I commissioned Jonard to innovate the design and have it suit our section’s class ‘personality’. He came up with the design on the left, which was actually better than what I asked him to do. He added the word: more. That made it cool.

The class logo should make everything more exciting and more exhilarating. I expect that learning will become wackier and funnier with these hyperactive batch. They really love to talk and share their ideas. They’re loud. Very loud. But that doesn’t mean that they don’t have something in between their ears. They do. A lot.

There would be few stretching points for sure. Some would really be stressful. But I think that’s basically what life is about: being stretched and stressed because you have to make hard decisions and stand by them. I guess, my role as an adviser is to make them aware of where their choices could lead them and teach them to become more responsible of the consequences of their choices.

The logo is suits them after all, live curious so that they have multiple options to choose from and when they choose they have to stand by the consequence of their choice. After all, I can’t make a choice for them.  I only serve as a guardian.


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