She is an epitome of a career woman; only her riches lie within the hearts of men she has taught probably with a cup-filled gusto. How could she not? Enthusiasm overpowered her like a madwoman. Her audience, listening intently to what she has to say, couldn’t just take but bequeath their senses. But in a good way.

She is Dr. Angie Pacleb, a TESOL trainer with a couple more. But that would still be an understatement.

Let me focus on the real thing:

Let’s just say, people at the school yearn for someone to teach English Language fluency and proficiency. And she came into the picture, right in time. Heaven’s sent? I supposed. She proposed a training for TESOL-slash-ESL to be used in kindergartens. To do so, she needed to train teachers first: how to use English, how to speak it, and how to flow in the medium to teach subjects other than English.

That’s quite possible. Though, it is a long, tedious process.

And it starts with making sense of all the ideas:

The first is obvious. English can be used to teach History, Science, Mathematics etc., It is already in those medium, but there is an undertone, a hidden stuff. That is, skills in English such as listening, speaking, reading and writing can be all taught in each subject area. Follow TESOL way. Combine it with Reading in Content Areas. Fluent speakers of English with high comprehension skills will be produced. Both ways will enable the teacher to become a facilitator, while students are empowered to become independent learners.


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