In my World Lit class today,  we have finished digging into the deeper world of James Joyce’s Araby. What was notable about the lecture on this was the kids have permeated through the surface level and understood the story within the context of the author’s time, biases or prejudice in the selection of the characters and objects evident, and the interpretation of each symbol or allusions made.

The story’s theme of a boy’s sexual awakening where the unrequited love of the young protagonist is set against his excitement at going to the Araby Bazaar (Daithai C, 2009) revealed during the discussions have kept them surprised. They all seemed like churning over their seats, uncomfortable with the discussions (like section Prolific) due to some words.

But I guess two points are made clear: (1) Boys will got through the same process. They might not understand what it is but they will feel certain emotions brought about by the physiological changes happening inside them. Girls pass through similar but unique physiological changes. And (2) The belief in God, as advanced by religion, holds young boys and girls to rise above their feelings brought by the chemical processes and reactions going on inside them.

Next week, my classes will trace the various psychological development that happened in the boy as he go to Araby.

In my 3Y Innovative, we started wrapping up the Prehistoric Timeline activity by handing out the rubrics for assessment and filling out a sheet of paper with the reflections on the things they have learned from the activity and the comments about the activity, itself.

Next week, we will go through the performance assessment. They will have to role play how pre-historic people stumbled upon the discoveries that we still make use of today or that have already developed into their present forms.

The Chapel Hour created an atmosphere of prayer and worship. It felt great to see the students praying for each other, helping others out to accept Christ as their personal Lord and Saviour, and worshiping Him after the moment of prayer.

Next week will be exciting because the transfer students will have their Retreat. The metacognitive part features a metaphor of white towel to be dirtied and be washed to make it clean once again, as white as snow.


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