The Honors Society.

Despite the fact that I am being overwhelmed with frustrations over The Helix, LifeCollege Student Council, and FACES 2010, here I am trying to find the real niche where I should be handling at my best even at the littlest effort exerted.

The Helix remained a blueprint of the schools could-be Print Media. I envisioned it to become like The Varsitarian or Gideon. It was supposed to be a News Magazine that everyone could read on and relate to. The group should have also been the hub for language training both in writing and speaking. We started out training for debate and speech. We continued producing dummies for the paper. But I guess, that will remain to be a far-fetched dream until there are students who are very eager to explore the boundaries of their talents.

The LifeCollege Student Council remained a name. I envisioned it to become the council that listens to and responds to every issue that students face. It is supposed to develop servant leaders at best, and self-led, needs-sensitive, and creative individuals. Until leadership workshops are conducted, outside conferences are attended, and community exposures are tried out, the values that I want to see will remain just but a dream.

FACES 2010 remained in a halt. The supposedly launching pad for role models and ambassadors has been placed in a halt because the focus shifted. Still, the faces and talents are there buried inside the ground and waiting to be uncovered.

And here I am, excited to start again and willing to set things right and straight.


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