Today marks another innovation inside my classroom.

My goal in this learning quest is to produce students who are independent learners regardless of the subject area, and to train them to become collaborative and team-oriented.  This can be done by teaching students how to read and how to make meaning from the text they are reading. This will be done with introducing various strategies in reading.

For both World Literature and World History classes, I will be utilizing the Understanding by Design, Pre/While/Post-Reading strategies, the SQ4R (Survey, Question, Read, Relate, Recite, and Review), and the collaboration or team setting.

My approach to each lesson will have to look like this:

1. Drop the Essential Questions and Big Ideas

2. Download the assessment plan through product or performance rubrics

3. Engage the students in Pre-Reading Task, which will use:

a. Survey

-Check the title

-Check the topic and subtopics

-Check the font, font size, and style

-Create a mental outline of the contents

b. Form questions

c. Activate previous knowledge

d. Predict

4. Allow students read the reading task

a. Highlight important details

Green – important name of persons, places, or things

Blue – important dates and numbers

Red – words with unfamiliar meaning

Yellow – important phrases or sentences; definition

b. Annotate the selection

c. Take down notes (mindmap, outline, or Cornell notetaking)

5.Let the students play through:

a. Performance

b. Product

6. Synthesize and conclude with the lesson through a Learning Log, which is also called as journal or reflection notebook

In order to make my class more manageable, I have divided them into various teams. All teams will go through the various tasks and activities prepared during each lessons. They will also be responsible, in part, in evaluating whether they have learned something or not.

Through this, my class will become student-centered and activity-based, where I will be there to scaffold their learning process.

Welcome to my class!


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