There they go. Energy. Adrenaline. They are everywhere moving to and fro. For them, a shot to clinch the championship. To me, a time to stand on something again, even if it is not for myself. I find it very difficult to separate myself between two grounds. I feel like I am in a middle of a border and one of my feet is on the right side, while my other foot steps on the left side.

Until I found my resolve: That moment when I saw Renz coaching the grade school boys and his classmates for basketball. That moment when I saw Val, smashing and hitting the volleyball. That moment when I heard Paulo busied himself choreographing the dance while preparing to  play for the badminton finals.

I was relieved. They’re on their own, doubtful as they may seem to be to clinch the prize. Nonetheless, I found myself proud, very proud.

And so no more standing on both grounds. It is time to shift my focus on my team this year, because no matter how they have stormed through the events last school year, they are in different shape now. They are in a moment of metamorphoses.


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