School Year 2011-2011 started today.

And this blog as well.

Honestly, I felt once again what my university professor never fails to say that his life is like a portal of students coming in and out every year.

I am really nostalgic about my advisory class. Staying with them for a year has taught me patience and love. I would have wanted to chase them and become their adviser this school year. I had that option. But, I had to let go because it is based on what I feel.

Nonetheless, I am excited about meeting a new set of young bloods. They won’t just make me look younger, but they would prompt me to innovate strategies. They won’t just keep me posted about their world, but they would also stretch me beyond limits.

What I feel right now is a mixed emotion of a teacher who is left behind by his student but is never emptied for there are new kids to fill in the spaces. Spaces that were never really taken, but are created again and again to accommodate new ones.

And so, I am blogging again this year to speak of the lives of these students, to share our experiences inside the classroom and in the school, and to walk on more responsibly and responsively to the calling that I heeded. 


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